Only a few days after losing their daughter in a horrifying Brooklyn car crash, the parents of 9-year-old Rebecca Ramnarine were dealt another sickening blow : Scammers set up a fake fund in the girl's name to profit off her death, attempting to grift family and friends out of $10,000.

Ramnarine and her family were headed home to St. Albans, Queens after attending church in Brooklyn on Sunday when their car was struck by Kenneth Palache, who was fleeing cops who had pulled him over.

Yesterday, Ramnarine's grieving parents learned that a scammer posing as relatives had set up a fraudulent account on the website GoFundMe in attempt to make money from the tragedy.

“I literally went crazy. I started bawling,” said Ramnarine's mother told CBS New York. “How can you be this crazy that you’re going to exploit my pain and turn it into money gained for you?!”

The scheme was shut down Wednesday by the District Attorney, and the account was frozen before the perpetrators were able to access the funds. The money was returned to everyone who donated.