At least three people were injured this morning following a scaffolding shed collapse just after 10 a.m., near Times Square.

Although earlier reports stated the victims were being treated for their injuries at the scene, a new statement from the FDNY says that multiple trauma patients are now being sent to Bellevue Hospital Center.

No cause for the accident, which occurred at 7th Avenue and West 40th Street, has been determined yet, but a tipster tells us, "there's a new sushi restaurant going up on that corner. They were probably scheduled to open by the end of the year and have been renovating the old space where Burger King used to be. Big gust of wind today during a downpour and the whole facade of the scaffolding fell off." Gusts of up to 40 miles per hour were reported this morning.

New York's scaffolding laws have also been in the news recently as real estate and insurance companies are calling for reforms to the law, which is unique in the U.S. for protecting workers from liability for any damages or injuries caused while working on the job.