On Friday, straphanger Daryn Mayer served as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of getting on the Select Bus Service with just a MetroCard. She claims that she boarded the bus with her card, was told that she needed a ticket, but that the driver said she could ride for free—until inspectors boarded and fined her $100. But what happens if your good intentions are thwarted only by your messy purse? Yvette Stokes claims that she was fined $100 for not having a ticket when it took her too long to find it in her bag.

Stokes says that on October 28th she bought an SBS ticket to board the bus, where officers immediately asked her to produce it. She showed them and sat down, putting her ticket into her purse. However, a few blocks later different officers boarded the bus, and demanded she produce the ticket yet again. She began searching in her bag, and mistakenly pulled out a two-day old ticket. She claims the officer began shouting at her, and "he said was that I couldn't hold up the bus—and then he ordered me off the bus." She finally found the right ticket, but holding up the bus was apparently enough to get her a $100 summons.

Lucky for her the summons was tossed because her address and other identifying information was wrong, but she still wants an apology because those officers were mean! She said, "It was horrifying. I just can't get it out of my head. I couldn't stop crying." That's exactly how we felt after missing Bieber's book signing.