2006_04_saysaysay.jpgInteresting fact about the fines imposed on the Transport Workers Union over last December's strike. The TWU can resume collecting membership dues (about $1.5 million per month) if TWU president says the union will never strike again. The thing is that TWU president Roger Toussaint has been pretty adamant about the right to strike, and it'd be unlikely he'd go for it... even though it seems like the union might want some sort of leadership shake-up. And in the "Toussaint's going to jail!" coverage that is so excitable in the tabs, the Daily News looks at what Toussaint can expect in jail. He'll be at "The Tombs" on White Street (aka the Bernard Kerik Complex!) downtown, in a 6" by 8" cell, and breakfast include "cereal, bread and fruit."

As for the TWU approving the contract, the MTA poo-poos it as they'd love to go to arbitration and stick it to the union. Toussaint told NY1, "We believe that MTA has a legal as well as a moral obligation to now go forward and vote on this contract and we believe that we will prevail legally, but also that New Yorkers want to see this in our rearview mirror. For the MTA to keep this issue in play when they have an opportunity to do so would be adverse to public sentiment." Sigh, now we fear MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow will talk about the legalities of going on strike.