It's on the cool side but today is the first full day of spring. While winter temperatures linger a day longer than they're supposed to let Gothamist entertain you with links to giant mutant snowflakes and snow donuts. Let us assure you that there is no snow in the forecast. There's a slight chance of light rain mixed with sleet late tonight, but no snow.

The rain is a harbinger of an approaching warm front. Tomorrow will be considerably warmer than today. Highs will just barely surpass 40 degrees today. Despite what's likely to be a cloudy day, there's a slight chance of rain again, we'll be going up to around 60 on Thursday. The chance of rain increases late Thursday night into Friday morning. Gothamist is rooting for rain to wash away the ugly gray snow. Friday will again be warm.

More seasonable, highs in the lower-50s, weather returns for the weekend. A few showers may pop up on Saturday but Sunday looks to be sunny.

Last week we posted a story about the increased threat of storm surges to the city's infrastructure and housing, an issue that is becoming more important as the pace of waterfront development increases. One commenter from Australia posted a "theory" that humanity would be wiped out next year. Silly us thought the we had until 2012! More seriously, Wayne Barrett has an excellent article in the Village Voice on how Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff's pro-development agenda totally ignores any possible consequences of changing climate and the increasing risk that storm surges pose to low-lying areas of the city.

This morning's surface weather map from weather.com.