water_vapor_0922.jpgThe autumnal equinox occurs at precisely 12:03 a.m. tonight, when the earth's poles will point neither toward nor away from the sun. Legend has it that you can balance on your head at that moment and not tip over. After 12:03 a.m. the north pole will be pointing away from the sun for the next six months.

As is often the case, astronomical fall does not equate to meteorological fall. It is going to be very spring-like this weekend. Tomorrow and Sunday, will be warm with a chance of showers. The chance of showers isn't all that great tomorrow, but there are even odds it will rain on Sunday. Temperatures may reach the low-80s on Sunday. Might that be the last 80 degree day we see until next spring? Could be. Last year's final 80 degree day was on October 2nd so the chances of really warm weather are rapidly diminishing. The sun, along with a seasonal high temperature in the low-70s returns on Monday.

Water vapor satellite image from NOAA.