Photo via Vitaliy P's flickr

Just one day after we took a look at the disappearing iconic wooden benches of New York City's streets, amNewYork warns that the benches underground may be on their way out as well. Sitting in the city will never be the same!

The paper reports that a redesign may be in the future, noting that NYC Transit officials are trying to decide if sleeker stainless steel seats should replace the standard wooden ones in the Second Avenue Subway and No. 7 extension stations. Allegedly, "designers are having a vigorous debate between the two models, with some viewing the steel as cold, while others blasting the wood as unhygienic." Expect prototypes to be installed at yet-to-be-disclosed stations in the coming months. Let's just hope stainless steel repels bed bugs. (If you spot one of the new prototypes, give us ring!)

As an interesting bit of history, amNY points out that the masterminds behind the subway wanted it to be a “very pleasing feature to the traveling public" and believe it "should be a work of art, in keeping with the era’s 'City Beautiful' movement." [via 2nd Ave. Sagas]