From Craigslist (italicized notations ours):

Great bike for sale, not sure of the brand [Almost definitely this one], but its really heavy [45 pounds, we're guessing] and will probably prevent people from trying to steal it [Most people. But not all people. Certainly not people with Photoshop.] I rode it around montauk all last summer [DID you!]... great smooth riding experience on any terrain! looking for $100. will accept interesting trades

note: non-standard seat size, and i cannot figure out how to fill the tires(maybe you can, I am not very technical) [That must have made cruising around Montauk all summer rather difficult, musn't it!?]
sorry [Not sure what this is for, but it's OK.]

Good work, Craigslist poster. You have won this day with your Photoshop wizardry.