2005_08_trainperc.jpgThe R train stands for the "Really Rude" and "Retch": A woman who spied a man pleasuring himself on a train car decided to seize the moment and took a very clear cameraphone picture of the pervert. And then she went to the police; then she put it on her Flickr account with her telling of the incident:

I got off at 34th street and reported it to a token booth operator. She was very helpful and directed me to a policewoman. The policewoman wrote down my description of the man and I asked her if she wanted the picture but she didn't take it. She told me that she would radio other officers and they would be on the lookout for that man. I couldn't believe she didn't take the picture, it had a pretty clear view of this person.

It is interesting that the policewoman didn't take the photograph; perhaps Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly needs to make flash memory cards for his officers standard issue! Gothamist can only hope that the new security cameras will also be used to apprehend the flashers, because it's bad enough the trains are hot and sweaty and sometimes smell and get stalled between stops, we don't need to be a part of some people's bad idea of fun. [Via digital brooklyn and Thom]