Save the Tunnel Garage!

Over the weekend we stopped by a protest organized by Friends of the Tunnel Garage. Apparently developers are trying to tear down the garage, which was built in 1922 and sits at the corner of Thompson and Spring Broome Street at the edge of SoHo. While the garage looks a little run-down these days, in years past it was quite beautiful (for a garage!)-- featuring details like "terra-cotta polychromy" (?) and signage (there is supposedly a picture of a Model T under the "Park Here" on the rounded corner of the building) Our favorite detail: the G in "Garage"-- they really knew their fonts in the 1920s!

The owner of the building is arguing that the building has become dilapidated and structurally unsound, and plans to build an eight story tower on the same spot. Opponents of the demolition, including The Art Deco Society of New York, the Historic Districts Council, and the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation, say that the building is an integral part of the neighborhood's architectural landscape, and that the owner of the building could bring the garage up to code relatively easily and make tons of money renting out spaces. We think the neighborhood needs parking spaces more than luxury lofts, and that the building is too unique to destroy. What do you think-- do garages deserve landmark protection? [Related: press release from the GVSHP, more info on the Tunnel Garage, and info about the developer's plans at Curbed.]

A few pictures of the protest, after the jump.