2006_01_28_Setting_Fires.jpg As the Daily News put it, Savanna Johnson "took her burning desire for the hottest fashions one step too far." Which doesn't exactly describe the crazy circumstances surrounding Ms. Johnson's 60th arrest, but it gives you some idea of the tabloid nature of her story.

At least twice last April, Johnson walked into a large store in Harlem (first an H&M and then an Old Navy), stuffed a tennis bag with things she planned to later sell, calmly took out a lighter and lit a rack of panties on fire. In the ensuing mayhem she ran out of the stores with other, real, customers, not to mention her stolen merch. The best part? It was all caught on security cameras (right).

And yet still, she wasn't caught. Until Wednesday, when Johnson, who has previously been arrested for crimes ranging from drugs to prostitution, went back to the same Harlem H&M to steal more panties. Once there she was recognized by a security guard. "I told her I wanted to talk to her about stolen merchandise, and she said 'Oh, O.K..,'" the guard told the Times. "Then I said 'Hey, I know you.' She says, 'Oh, how you doing?'"

The guard then took her to the H&M holding area where she promptly confessed and then fell asleep. She was arraigned yesterday on charges of attempted second-degree arson, reckless endangerment and possessing a pipe with crack residue. and could receive up to 25 years.