Mustapha Ouane, a 61-year-old Canadian with ties to the Saudi monarchy, was slapped with a 10 year prison sentence yesterday. He'd previously been found guilty of raping a young woman he'd invited back to his suite at the Plaza for a morning breakfast after a night of barhopping.

Ouanes met his victim and a friend at a bar in the Village in January 2010. "Wearing a finely tailored suit and hat, he seemed harmless," the pair testified in court, "so they accepted his invitation for an early morning breakfast at the hotel." As ADA Samuel David put it during the trial, "As far as the two of them were aware, breakfast really meant breakfast." But it didn't necessarily mean that to Ouanes.

At some point the twentysomething women passed out and then one "woke up to this defendant on top of her kissing her mouth... She was unable to get him off, instead she passed back out again." Her friend, who found her leggings pulled down, called hotel security, who allegedly found the women in the room's bathroom too "frantic" and "devastated" to explain what happened.

Money was a major aspect of the trial (Ouanes's defense lawyer implied they were just out for his cash saying "They believed he was a deep pocket. He paid for their drinks, he paid for their cab ride, he took them to The Plaza.") but in the end he was found guilty by a Manhattan Supreme Court jury. Now the citizen of Canada and Algeria will spend the next decade behind bars here—before being deported. Could have been worse for him though, he faced as much as 25 years on two of the charges against him.