Just three days into his mayorship, Mayor Bill de Blasio is already getting used to the winter weather press conference protocols—he gave NYers his latest update on the storm this morning from Queens, and once again encouraged people to stay indoors at home today if possible. "If you do not need to travel today, please stay home," he said. "I don't want anyone to underestimate how bitterly cold it is...by this evening, temperatures will be down to 0 degrees, and with wind chill it will be worse, it will be in the negatives."

Altogether, the city received "a little short of 10 inches of snow," de Blasio said. He thanked city and sanitation department workers again and again throughout the presser for their tireless efforts overnight (as of 4 a.m., there were nearly 2,500 plows out on the streets), which resulted in 100% of primary roads being cleared by this morning. Sanitation workers will continue putting in 12-hour shifts until the snow is cleared.

Even though the snow has now stopped, he cautioned that travel conditions are still difficult, and people should avoid being on the roads if they can help it. "It is deceptively cold out there, stay indoors as much as you can," he noted. "It's very slick out there, hard to drive [due to] wind and ice, and a lot of blowing snow still."

He also cautioned people to consider not going sledding today due to the freezing temperature: "I'm urging young people and parents to remember that the best option today is to stay close to home, not be outside too long. It is very, very cold in our parks right now, so staying out there too long is dangerous," he said. "We're gonna have a lot of snow this winter...a lot of opportunities for fun, but hopefully [in weather that is] not this cold."

While all that was pretty much Weather Press Conference 101, de Blasio showed once again how different his style (and general attitude) is compared to our last mayor. While Bloomberg could be testy toward reporters and somewhat robotic with his pronouncements, de Blasio joked about Dante's snow day pressure and chastised himself for throwing snow on the street: "Do not shovel snow into the street, this is a very important admonishment. We all have to remember to put the snow on the sidewalk, not into the street," he said, referring to the fact he was spotted doing just that earlier today. "If anyone was watching me this morning," he said by way of explanation, "the area in front of my house has been blocked off so it's not where people park so I made a little exception there."

When reporters asked him to grade his staff during the storm, he jokingly went along with it instead of pooh-poohing it. There was his jovial amazement at working at 4 a.m.: "I've never done a 4 a.m. conference call in my life, and it was amazing how lucid everyone was, though I did note people kept their statements shorter than usual." Even when he was asked a potentially hostile question about plowing, he handled it gingerly: "We are working in all five boroughs equally. That's not only a philosophical idea i believe in strongly, its also the fundamental belief of this department."

And then there was the moment at the very end of presser which would NEVER have happened while Bloomberg was in office:

And here's the money Vine: