The more things change, the more they poop the same: according to various Tweeters, the newly renovated fight club/public toilet McCarren Park Pool has been closed due to "unsanitary conditions." Chris Hollenbeck tweeted, "A loudspeaker echoes omnipresent over #McCarren, 'Attention: Due to unsanitary conditions the pool is now closed. Please exit the pool bed.'" Maybe it was just a Baby Ruth?

In case you've forgotten, McCarren Park Pool had a previous incident with fecal matter (dubbed Poopgate) last month—cops vehemently denied any pooping had occurred, but a lifeguard later confirmed the story to the Post. They also gave the lowdown on park procedure for such "unsanitary conditions:" "We cleared out the pool and made everyone stand on the sides. The rule is five minutes for poop and 25 minutes for throw-up. Luckily, there were two new lifeguards, so we made them clean it up."

Maybe we all should be following Kris Chu: he's the Cassandra who foretold of this development a few hours ago with a very timely tweet:

Update: McCarren Park Pool remained closed for the rest of the day Saturday, but workers told DNAInfo that they'd be re-open on Sunday—at least, you know, until the next incident.