2005_02_satnigfev.jpgOne of the most illustrious floors in all of movie history is going to be auctioned: The psychedelic disco floor from Saturday Night Fever has had offers of more than $80,000, according to the Daily News. As millions of people have vamped to Tony Manero's moves (one hand pointing to the sky, one pointing to the ground, hip out), they imagined themselves dancing in a Brooklyn nightclub. The nightclub, 2001 Space Odyssey, closed years ago but the owner saved the floor. The auction will be on eBay on April 1, and Gothamist hopes that some savvy NYC nightclub owner buys it for a club here, so everyone, especially the B-and-T crowd, can join in the fun.

The soundtrack to the film is pretty awesome. Saturday Night Fever was also one of late film critic Gene Siskel's favorite movies; he even owned the Tony Manero white suit for a while. Gothamist recalls him referring to it as his kids' college fund.