Shell Tower LobbyDispenser

Disinfectant spraySo, you go to work, show your ID to the security guard, head to the elevator...but not without getting your disinfectant wipes from the dispenser in the lobby! This is the scenario in Hong Kong, where the region is hella freaked out about SARS (and rightfully so). My mother (a.k.a. the Hong Kong office) took pictures of what her office building in the Causeway Bay area is doing.

This reminds Gothamist of some "How to Handle Your Mail" posters seen in the New York Times offices, in order to protect against anthrax. Here is the USPS's guidelines for handling mail.

Hong Kong has three-fifths of the world's patients with the disease, and cases have been reported in all but one of Hong Kong's 18 districts, health officials say. - New York Times, April 14, 2003. Great.

The Times's special SARS coverage.

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