At what point are you such a New Yorker that your other identities stop counting? A decade? When you've lived here long enough to know the last three tenants in that shop on the corner? We ask because that seems to be at the heart of a divorce case currently proceeding in Manhattan court.

The tale is as old as time: French boy in New York marries rich French girl three months after they meet, French girl's father makes boy return to France to sign a pre-nup, boy becomes big wig at the Carlyle group and makes a boatload of money, 13 years later girl files for divorce in New York and argues that because the couple both live here and were legally married in Massachusetts there is no reason to respect a pre-nup signed in France. Oh, also? The boy's half-brother is Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France.

So, to sum up: Oliver Sarkozy and his estranged wife Charlotte both are New Yorkers and their estate—which includes an $11 million Upper East Side town house, a modern art collection and a whole lotta cash—currently depends on whether a pre-nup signed in France is valid in New York if a couple never legally married in France...though they were married there too (Nicolas even officiated the ceremony when he was the mayor of Neuilly-sur-Siene)!