It was a veritable GOP party at Yankee Stadium yesterday! Apparently former mayor—and former presidential aspirant—Rudy Giuliani invited Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to catch the Yankees-Rays game. It was also a double date—the Daily News reports, "The GOP political duo and their spouses exchanged laughs, smiles and small talk as they watched the Yanks take on Tampa Bay. At one point, Giuliani snapped a photo of his wife, Judith, with Alaska's First Couple." Later in the evening, Palin was honored as an advocate for developmentally disabled children; Newsday reports that group's founder "can't say what type of advocacy work Palin has done on behalf developmentally disabled children, he said her popularity and high-profile status makes her an effective spokeswoman for the group and that's why Palin was chosen as this year's honoree." Palin spent the earlier part of the weekend upstate.