Oh look, Sarah Palin. The professional instigator was in New Jersey yesterday serving up her unique brand of verbal durian on behalf of Cory Booker's opponent in the Senate race, Steve Lonegan. “Something big is happening here; it’s called momentum,” Palin told the crowd of around 4,000. "The country knows it. The media even knows it, and that's why they're getting all wee-wee'd up against Steve!"

Despite Lonegan paying for 2009 punchlines (and homophobic misogyny), the polling gap between him and Booker recently narrowed to around 12 points, in part because Lonegan has been able to paint Booker as a dilettante who cares more about inflating his celebrity than offering voters substantive ideas. Who better than to reinforce this message than Sarah Palin?

“My opponent, Cory Booker, was anointed by Hollywood; he was anointed by Oprah,” Lonegan said yesterday. "California doesn't need a third senator."

Nate Schweber at the Times knew exactly when he could return his rental car after snatching this gem:

Denise Williams, a retired teacher from Forked River, said she came to the rally because she believed Mr. Lonegan would help thwart the president’s agenda.

“I want him to go into the Senate and I want him to vote against everything that the liberal, socialist White House is for,” Ms. Williams, 64, said. “I want my grandkids to grow up in America.”

Good morning.