Now that both the professionals and the couch coaches have had the night to let last night's Jets defeat sink in, the blame for the game seems to be falling on the whole team. Coach Rex Ryan said, "We played a good half. We just never played a good game," and Santonio Holmes admitted, "We've got to start out playing better football...We didn't play like Jets, like we were supposed to." However, that doesn't mean some people still can't be singled out. Fans and players are lashing out against offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's poor time and player management. When asked why he was on the bench early in the game, Holmes angrily told the Post, "Ask Coach Schottenheimer what was the reason behind that."

The main criticism against Schottenheimer is the call to pass the ball instead of rush when they were on the goal line. As one fan put it, "Overthinking too much on the passes, and then being too predictable on the run up the gut on 4th down. If they ran 4 times, they'd probably score." But there were apparently other issues at play. The Daily News also reports that headset issues kept the Jets from acting fast as the play clock wound down. Mark Sanchez said, "The problem was the headset kept going out multiple times during the game. I had to run over and get a couple of calls, piece together some calls in the headset that came in broken up."

Needless to say hindsight is 20/20, and at least some sportscasters didn't have completely terrible things to say about the Jets' performance. Gregg Doyel wrote, "How do you mock a team that plays that hard, that well, with that much pride, in the second half of the 19th game of the season, the last three coming on the road against the top three seeds in the AFC? The Jets had to be exhausted, physically. They had to be fried, mentally. But they just kept coming." And Rex Ryan says they'll keep coming next year: "Our goal for next year, I’ve got news for you, it won’t change. It will never change. We’re going to chase that Super Bowl. We’re going to chase it until we get it. Then, we’ll chase it after that again. But that’s it. If you want to criticize us, then go ahead, but you have no right.”