Well, you might not have wanted it, hell you may have even been out there putting up flyers about it getting canceled, but SantaCon 2016 is here and it won't go away until the crimson-clad binge drinkers have decided they've puked enough cheap beer on each other's shoes. How are things going out there so far?

They came by Metro-North, some singing chaotically and others stopping for Shake Shack:

A gaggle of Santa's singing carols on the train. #santacon #nyc #train #christmas

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Santas, looking in fine form. Arriving by sleigh, Uber, MetroNorth. #santaconnyc #grandcentral

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They came by ferry:

Ready for Santacon. #santacon #santa #santaclaus #statenislandferry #statenisland #nyc #silive

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They came by LIRR and tromped through Penn Station:

Some of them are spreading cheer on the subway, and also cheering on people running to their trains:

A number of them gathered in Midtown to kick things off:


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NYC at its finest 🎅 #santacon

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Www.BGmarineUSA.com #santaconnyc #santacon #santacon2016 #santaconnyc2016

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They're gathering on rooftops and loitering in front of liquor stores:

more Santas have arrived #santacon

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A meeting at the fort in case someone gets separated.1,2,3 BREAK!🎅🏾 #santacon#errywhere#it's11:05am

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Not everyone is happy to see them, including two "SantaCon Is Cancelled" protesters showed up, did some yelling and were then arrested:

It's also happening in merry old Londontown, where the Santas are just pissing in public in groups:


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