A few months ago, SantaCon announced on their website and social media that this year's events would take place in Williamsburg, right in the heart of the West Bedford Meatpacking District. But it seems the neighborhood wasn't the right fit this year, as the festivities have now moved back to Manhattan—SantaCon 2016 will take place this Saturday, and travel through Midtown, Flatiron District and the East Village.

The full official "route" won't be revealed until the night before the festivities take place, but things will kick off somewhere in Manhattan at 11 a.m. Saturday December 10th. According to Patch, the crawl's starting point will be located somewhere in or near the Flatiron District, and there will be no real route, but rather a constellation of drunken stars for revelers to ping-pong between:

Unlike in years prior, our source says, the zones will not be staggered by time. Instead, Santas will be free to drift through whichever zone they like at whatever hour they like, choose-your-own-adventure style. (So, for affected neighborhoods, that will mean a full day of Santas, not just a couple hours.)

You can follow them on Twitter or text "FOLLOW SANTACON" to the number 40404 to get updates on the route and participating bars. Or you can just show up four sheets to the wind on Saturday afternoon and follow the creepiest dudes you see wherever they go, whatever wets your whistle!

To their credit, SantaCon organizers have gotten much more organized, vocal and insistent about charitable contributions. They write on their website:

Santacon’s charity component is not just white-bearded lip service. Since 2012, the event raised over $200,000 for local charities including, City Harvest, The Ali Forney Center, Toys for Tots, The Food Bank for New York City, Dance Parade and Materials for the Arts to name just a few of our charitable causes. Santa’s elves worked hand-in-hand with these organizations to benefit those in need.

Santa agrees that there is no excuse for inappropriate behavior. Public drunkenness, urination or rude behavior is not only prohibited by the stated rules of the event, but actively discouraged by the crowds of Santas themselves, who are for the most part, responsible, creative community-minded New Yorkers. NYC Santa realizes that he has a responsibility to New York City and its citizens. Santa Loves NYC.

Participants will have to donate at least $10 to get a blinking LED pendant to get into one of the seven main venues (Ainsworth Park, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, Slake, Madison Square Tavern, Webster Hall, Bar 13, Solas). And if you want nothing to do with SantaCon, you could still donate $10 to charity and have a wonderful day avoiding these areas. Everybody wins!