2005_12_santarian.jpgOoh - the owners of an East 18th Street Manhattan brownstone are under fire for their wacky Christmas display. The Post puts the Krupnik-Castellanos display - "a skinny, bloody-bearded Santa holds a knife in his left hand and the severed head of a doll - blood gushing from its eye sockets in the other" - on its cover. The owners, Joel Krupnik and Mildred Castellanos, explain its their protest against Christmas's commercialization. Well, it's not Dyker Heights, that's for sure! But people in the neighborhood are pretty upset, with some neighbors chasing Castellanos and others imploring the police to do something (they can't). Plus the little kids are scared. Gothamist thinks this is kind of great, if grisly; we'd like Krupnik and Castellanos put up decorations year round... maybe a strung out Valentine's Cupid, depressed Leprauchan, drunken Easter Bunny... the possibilities are endless.

And in other residential Christmas decorating news, a resident at one of Trump's West Side condos had her request to put up a nativity scene in the lobby rejected. She argued that the nativity scene was similar to a menorah, but she was told a menorah is secular. What, a tree isn't good enough to welcome the spirit of Christ the Lord? And we only see the baby Jesus at churches or malls. Maybe she can move to the Time Warner Center and put one other there.

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