12082SANTATICKET.jpgThe double-parking Santa who got a big 'ol ticket as an early Christmas present is speaking out! The Daily News reports that "he appreciates the outpouring of support, but he won't accept any charity to pay the $115 fine." He doesn't, however, want to pay it himself either. Commonly known as Chip Cafiero, he says he is "very appreciative to hear that so many people want to help him out, but as a matter of principle, we have to fight this ticket." Allegedly he'd like to prove a point about parking in the area; "These meter maids are harassing our small businesses in Bay Ridge, and it is time that we make a stand and fight for what's right. All those people who wanted to help Santa may be getting something a little extra special under the tree this year." Cafiero was dressed as Claus to hand out gifts to children when he was ticketed—so many, including Marty Markowitz, have rallied to support him.