2006_10_sanittape.JPGYesterday, the Daily News broke the story about a sanitation worker who made a mess in order to fine establishments in Bensonhurst. You can see the video here but here is WNBC 4's description:

In the video, a man dressed like a sanitation supervisor gets out of the car, walks over to one of the beams supporting the elevated subway tracks and from a space in the beam removes two long and two short fluorescent bulbs and tosses them in the street.

A few minutes later, a street sweeper cleans up the mess and about an hour later someone from sanitation gives out $100 [?] tickets to three businesses at that location, accusing them improperly disposing of those bulbs.

Little did the sanitation agent realize that H.K. Tea and Sushi had a surveillance camera capturing every move! And, as you would imagine, now other store owners are saying they were fined by the very same agent for the same offense, making the agents' work questionable.

City Councilman William Colton is livid, saying, "This is absolutely outrageous. These are hardworking store owners being hit with $300 fines," and blaming ticket quotas for ticket blitzes. H.K. Tea and Sushi owner Allan Sy said, "It's like crazy. You can't believe like this happening in our city," while neighboring store owner Martin Zalta said, "I believe they wrote me tickets because they always do that, but I couldn't believe the tape. It was something to behold." The Department of Sanitation says it is investigating.