Another city worker died today: Twenty five year old sanitation worker Michael Occhino was driving a sanitation truck on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway early this morning when it overturned and broke through a guardrail, throwing Occhino over the railing and onto the ground. The truck remained dangling over the side of the BQE above Furman Street in Brooklyn Heights for hours. Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said, "He encountered a slick roadway. No doubt that he must have slipped." Mayor Bloomberg spoke to Occhino's family, and found out that his twin brother was a firefighter: "The mother said to me, 'We always worried about our son, the firefighter.' But here it is the other one who lost his life doing what so many people do - serving this city and making it a better place for all of us. So there is plenty of reason for us to be sad today." It is a very sad day - a second firefighter died from injuries sustained in yesterday's Bronx fire.