A sanitation worker got wasted during a department-sponsored party and apparently shattered a woman's jaw, according to a $2 million lawsuit filed against the city.

According to a suit obtained by DNAinfo, Maria Montanez was attending the party at the department's West Farms Road facility in the Bronx in May. Festivities were held during working hours, but the city allegedly paid for the booze, and before long a fight erupted.

The suit alleges that Montanez was merely attempting to break up a scrap between two other revelers, but that in the process, 39-year-old Fabio Reyes hit Montanez in the face, breaking her jaw in two places. Doctors installed a metal plate, four screws and wire into her lower mandible, and she maintains that her injuries caused her to lose her job as a housekeeper and child caretaker.

Reyes, for his part, was charged with two counts of assault and one count of harassment.