Prominent attorney Sanford Rubenstein, who has been under investigation for allegedly raping a woman after pal Al Sharpton's birthday party last week, is claiming he had consensual sex with his accuser. And according to the Daily News and the Post, there's video footage showing the victim kissing Rubenstein before taking an elevator up to his apartment that night—though the victim's attorney cautions that the existence of such a tape does not negate the victim's charges.

A source told both tabloids that the videotape shows Rubenstein's alleged victim, a 42-year-old retail executive, and a second woman being "extremely affectionate" with the 70-year-old attorney. "At one point, the complainant leans in and plants a wet sloppy kiss all over Rubenstein’s face,” the source told the Post. “They have him so tightly squashed between them you can barely see him for a couple of seconds."

According to the victim's statement, Rubenstein drugged her and raped her inside his Upper East Side apartment. Her attorney notes that the aforementioned videotape does not negate her claims. "I saw all that footage. It shows some hyper sexual older guy repeatedly grabbing two women by the waist and pulling them close to him repeatedly," he told the Post. "That footage is not indicative of what happened inside of his home. It also doesn’t explain the bruises on both arms or the bleeding from her vagina."

Cops are currently investigating items from Rubenstein's apartment in hopes of finding evidence proving the woman was drugged. Rubenstein has not been charged with a crime so far, although the family of Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who was killed after a cop put him in a chokehold in August, has dropped Rubenstein as their attorney following the allegations.