While the rest of the world grumbles about their taxes and cracks skulls over the last coveted Early Bird GoogaMooga ticket, hundreds of New Yorkers whose homes were washed away by Sandy will finally move out of hotels and into federally-subsidized apartments, the Wall Street Journal reports.

This is good news for now-homeless New Yorkers, not only because stuffing your earthly possessions into a roach-filled hotel room sucks, but because FEMA was getting antsy to end its hotel assistance program, on which it has spent more than $60 million. (The city itself spent around $25 million.)

FEMA will be footing the rent for the apartments, but as Crain's reported today, it will also be tapping into the Disaster Housing Assistance Program, which was established following Hurricane Katrina and "directly pays landlords rent on behalf of eligible families who would otherwise go homeless."

Rent on the apartments will only be paid for a year, so hopefully by then everyone's homes and lives will be miraculously rebuilt in time for the next hurricane. But don't even think about trying to move back into your former spot along the coast. Governor Cuomo warned you about that, remember?