If you thought you were done hearing about Jerry Sandusky's child molesting ways, sorry. This isn't over yet. Not when there are books to be sold and television specials to be aired! Which is to say, Victim #1 in the awful molestation case has gone and written a book with his mom (and a psychologist) and is now ready to meet the press.

Ballantine Bantam Dell today announced that Silent No More: Victim #1's Fight for Justice Against Jerry Sandusky will be hitting bookstores on October 23. The book will apparently share how the boy "survived years of shame and secrecy, harassment and accusation, before reporting Sandusky's actions to the authorities, and will offer a hopeful and inspiring message for victims of abuse."

Victim #1, in case you'd forgotten, first reported his abuse in 2008 and says Sandusky approached him through a summer camp for youth sponsored by The Second Mile. From there Sandusky moved on to taking the boy swimming and to football games, then keeping him over for sleepovers where kissing and back rubs slowly progressed to oral sex. The victim talked at Sandusky's trial about how the abuse dramatically changed his life.

And now he's going to cash in. The young man, now 18, is not only releasing the book next month but also is set to reveal his identity to ABC's Chris Cuomo starting on ABC World News on October 23 and then continuing on Nightline, Good Morning America and Katie over the next 24 hours.