Does this mean there won't be tablescapes? The unusual situation of having a divorced Governor-elect has pundits wondering the role of his famous (and rich!) girlfriend. Andrew Cuomo and Semi-Homemade lifestyle guru Sandra Lee currently live together in Mount Kisco, but things will change in January, because Cuomo plans to live in the Governor's Mansion in Albany while Lee apparently will not live there. So, no canned tomato soup and cottage cheese lasagna there!

Instead, Lee will remain in Mount Kisco; a Cuomo spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal, "She has many talents that could be of service to the State of New York and any contribution of her time or participation would be Sandra's pleasure and not at public expens. Sandra would never expect any taxpayer dollar to support the contributions she makes nor would she want to burden the state in anyway. She will be supportive and generous to the people of the state and she will accommodate them in every and any way she can."

It's unclear whether Lee will get a security detail or if Lee will be bombarded with gifts from lobbyists. And she's won't be called the First Lady. Still, overall, NYU urban policy professor Mitchell Moss thinks Lee's status is no biggie, "We have a divorced mayor with a girlfriend; there's nothing wrong with having a divorced governor with a girlfriend." Nope—but let's see if Lee wants to run for Senate.