Come January 1 Andrew Cuomo is going to be the Governor of New York. But Sandra Lee, his Semi-Homemade girlfriend, is not planning on becoming the First Lady anytime soon and won't be moving up to Albany with him. Which doesn't mean she isn't still a font of entertainment. This weekend USA Today got a glimpse into the Mount Kisco house Lee shares with Cuomo and, well...

  • Lee has seven Christmas trees set up throughout the house.
  • None of them are real—"I don't cut down trees," she explains. "I don't even like the trees going down on the property in storms.".
  • Because it is her signature color, the living room tree is all white, down to the partridges that adorn it.
  • "The sparkle in the room comes not from any ring on her finger but from the glitter she showered on the white reindeer grazing on the mantel."
  • Cuomo has input on the decor. Which is why the 200-year-old grandfather clock the elder Cuomo gave him is stuffed in the front hall.
  • Lee is going to help Cuomo's daughters put together their inaugural outfits.

Sigh, puff pieces like this make us almost wish Lee was going to move up to Albany. She could have so much fun with the Executive Mansion! Of course, since we are talking about the ambitious Cuomo family here, there is always the chance that someday soon enough we'll be imagining Lee's all-white take on the White House. You know she is...