Sandra Lee And Cuomo Deny Break-Up As Gov Ogles 'Sexy' TWA Terminal

The entire Cuomo family together
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The entire Cuomo family together Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/Shutterstock

The NY Post published a big "exclusive" on Tuesday, claiming that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and longtime partner Sandra Lee were no loner living together amidst "rumors that the couple have split up." Their sources claim Lee has been living either at her Battery Park City apartment in Manhattan or in California, while Cuomo has been full-time at the Executive Mansion in Albany.

The couple have been together for 14 years, and Lee is reportedly close to his three daughters from his first marriage to Kerry Kennedy, but they are apparently selling their Mount Kisco home—located on Bittersweet Lane—which then fueled the rumors.

While Lee did confirm they were selling the Westchester home, she vehemently denied the break-up rumors in a long Facebook post featuring a photograph of the family, sans cockatoos:

Cuomo also denied the report through a rep, saying, "Nothing has changed — I live in Mt. Kisco and Albany, and my cars are in the garage there."

But riddle me this: does this sound like a guy who is going through a breakup?

Couldn't this just be a normal guy embracing his inner objectophilia?

There's no denying infrastructure is sexy as hell, but there may be better ways of processing inner strife, like bro-ing down with Billy Joel, or really focusing on your car collection:

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