Last week we wondered if machetes were prevalent because if they were, then we missed the boat. Now, it seems that big knives are in, as a man threatened the bouncers outside the Hustler Club with a samurai sword. The NY Post says Eric Yudelove, a sex book author, used the sword after he tried to get the dancer fired because she "rebuffed his advances" and "it became clear she wasn't interested in anything other than his money." Dude, you're at a strip club, paying for dances and attention - you're a walking bag o' money to these ladies. Yudelove was arrested; he had also threatened to blow up the Hustler Club and had an Uzi in his car. No word on whether the sword was a Hattori Honzo, but this is almost as goofy as the guy who is upset at the escort he hired for inviting other escorts over and charging $40,000 to his credit card. In the case of escorts, we imagine caveat emptor rules.