Don't be alarmed/hopeful about that snow falling on upstate New York and northeastern Pennsylvania on the map above. It's just a bit of lake effect flurries that won't reach the city.

For us, it's the same old story. Although today is cooler than yesterday, it will still be warmer than normal. Gothamist is beginning to run out of superlatives to describe our current streak of warm weather. Today marks the eighteenth straight day of above normal temperatures. On half of those days Central Park has been at least ten degrees warmer than average. If the National Weather Service forecast holds true, this month will surpass 2001 as the warmest December on record.

And what does the Weather Service forecast say? Breezy with off-and-on clouds today, there might be a bit of wind chill, high around 46. The sun returns in full tomorrow and we'll inch closer to 50 degrees. The Weather Service and Weather Channel both say our high temperatures will flirt with 50 degrees through Saturday. The forecasts diverge greatly on Sunday. The NWS says New Year's Eve will be rainy and cold, high of only 42, while the Weather Channel is saying it'll be cloudy and 50. We're not sure where NY1 gets their forecast from, but they don't agree with either of those forecasts. Gotta love the exact science of meteorology!