That was a nice little Monday morning rain shower wasn't it? While the heavier rain has left the city, we can still expect showers and possibly a thunderstorm through tonight.
Tuesday's grey, and Wednesday too. Thursday it will rain upon you. Friday, I'm in love. Saturday wait. Sunday is looking great.

The cause for all this rain remains the same, what the Weather Service is calling an "endless persistent omega block" which is geek speak for a giant ridge of high pressure over the North Atlantic. The ridge, called an omega block because it's shaped like the greek letter omega, has cut a low pressure system over the Great Lakes to off from the jet stream. With nothing to make it move the low has slowly drifted southward, sucking moisture from the Gulf and depositing it as rain in a graceful spiral from the Gulf Coast up through the Atlantic, over New York and New England, into Quebec and Ontario and eventually on the Midwestern states. Manchester, New Hampshire has had their wettest May on record and some places in New England could see as much as 15 inches of rain.

The storm is slowly moving toward us and should be out of here by the weekend. Until the cure arrives be prepared for rain. Although today will be cool, temperatures should moderate through the week. On the bright side, we don't have to worry about getting hit by an asteroid until 2036.

Boston Herald photo of the Waterfall Wizards in Peabody, MA by Matthew West.