American Airlines has been accused of racial profiling, nerd profiling, and drunk dude profiling. But there is only one legendary local weatherman who dares to stand up to Big Airline: Sam Champion made it clear during an extended Twitter riff last night that he has had just about enough of their shit.

Champion, 54, became enraged after his flight from Florida back to NYC was delayed Tuesday as the Airline allegedly started pulling passengers off the plane, claiming the flight was "too heavy," and then let other customers come aboard. When American Airlines apologized to him over Twitter and tried to move the conversation to DM, Champion stood his ground.

Over the course of 30+ Tweets, Champion transformed into a champion of the little guy wedged between two other little guys whose tray tables came down suspiciously quickly before takeoff. American Airlines learned an important lesson this day: don't try to pull any weather-related bullshit excuses on a weatherman. He knows exactly which way the wind blows.

One of the men who was pulled off thanked Champion for standing up for him:

It's just like Matthew McConaughey once said and/or cribbed from someone else: "There's a difference in thinking you are a champion and knowing that you are." Al Roker could learn a thing or two from him.