Yesterday afternoon, 20-year veteran NYPD officer Feris Jones was promoted to detective at a ceremony in City Hall for her quick thinking and sharp shooting during a robbery at a Bed-Stuy salon. Jones was off-duty and happened to be getting her hair done when 19-year-old Winston Cox attempted to rob the place, and she calmly and cooly confronted him, shot his revolver out of his hands and shot the handle off the front door, sealing it shut. Bloomberg said at the ceremony, "This is a story that will be told at the Police Department for many years to come."

Jones, who told the crowd to call her "Jonesy," is a native of Barbados and had recently been working in a crime lab in Queens. She was humble about her actions, saying she was just trying to get all of the women in the salon "out of there in one piece." When asked about her composure while confronting the armed criminal, she said, "that's my personality."

Meanwhile, at Sabine's Hallway beauty salon, employees were cleaning up the glass Cox kicked out of the front door before he crawled away on his hands and knees. One employee told NY1, "We're just happy that it's working out in some form or fashion." Cox was arrested on Monday night, and it was found that he was on parole after serving 2 1/2 years for selling crack in Vermont. He was charged with attempted murder and robbery.