A cyclist collided with a pedestrian near Washington Square Park this afternoon, sending him to the hospital with a serious head injury. A witness says the unidentified pedestrian was crossing Washington Square West when the cyclist turned left off of West 4th Street, pedaling against traffic. (Washington Square West is a one way street heading south.)

An FDNY spokesperson says first responders were alerted to the collision at 4:29 p.m. The pedestrian was rushed to Beth-Israel medical center with serious but non-life threatening injuries. The cyclist also sustained a minor injury.

One worker at an apartment building on the block told us, "The man was walking through the crosswalk and the biker turned left and hit him. He was laying on the floor for about 15 minutes with his head bleeding until they carried him off." The worker, who asked to remain anonymous, could not say whether the pedestrian had the light.

Another witness says a friend of the cyclist tried to leave the scene with the cyclist's bike, but NYPD officers confiscated it before he could get away. An NYPD spokesperson did not have any information on any potential charges against the cyclist.

Additional reporting by Christopher Robbins and Ricky Patricia Soberano.