200712bloomies.jpg'Tis the season to...steal from your workplace? The NY Sun reports that the Manhattan district attorney's office is prosecuting a case against a Bloomingdale's employee who created bogus gift cards.

The complaint says Jennifer Ng, a 22-year-old Queens resident, cheated the East Side store out of $34,515 during the nearly month-long scam.

It says Bloomingdale's sales receipts were the key element of Ms. Ng's alleged scheme.

After a shopper made a purchase, she would regenerate the receipt. She would then make phony merchandise returns and use the credit to create the gift cards, according to the complaint.

Ng used 36 receipts in total to generate the thousands of dollars in gift cards in only 8 days, and was arrested for the scam soon after. Police found some of the gift cards in her wallet upon her arrest and she was charged with third-degree larceny and second-degree forgery. How many years in jail is this shopping spree worth? Lucky number 7. Ng will return to court in March to find out if she'll be doing the time.

We wonder how many "big brown bags" she stuffed before she was caught.