It was nice to end a dull gray weekend with a brilliant red sunset last night. This time the red sky at night means the city is in for a week of delight. A high pressure system will be large and in charge for the next several days. The anticyclone will bring clear skies and a high in the breezy mid 50s today. More sun is expected tomorrow through Thursday with temperatures topping out in the mid 60s.

Later in the week a storm is expected to develop in the Mississippi Valley and head this way. Clouds are expected on Friday and look for rain on the weekend.

A while back a commenter wondered if the cool, wet summer said anything about what kind of weather would happen this winter. The short answer is.. not much. Air doesn't have much thermal inertia, which is the atmosphere's version of memory. The atmosphere just doesn't remember what happened more than two or three weeks into the past. What does have lots of thermal inertia is the ocean, and this is shaping up to be a weak-to-moderate El Niño season, where the waters of the eastern tropical Pacific are warmer than normal. That extra heat source alters the atmosphere's circulation which influences the weather around the world. The end result for New York is... not much. We are expected to have close to normal temperature and precipitation this winter. If El Niño holds on it's looking like the Southeast, Gulf Coast and Southern California will be wetter than normal and that the interior West will be warmer than normal the next few months.