A lawyer for the ex-girlfriend of reality "star" Jon Gosselin claims that the ransacking of his Upper West Side apartment is just a publicity stunt! What, a reality star trying to drum up press? Shocking! The Post reports, "Police noted that reporters began arriving at the precinct house even before they had a chance to interview Gosselin about the destruction of his home." A source wondered, "How did they know so quickly? No cop could have tipped them -- it was too quick."

Gosselin's ex Hailey Glassman, 22, who lived in the apartment, was questioned about the incident, because Gosselin said they had a fight before he discovered the apartment destroyed. A Daily News source said, "They weren't able to prove it was her [Glassman], but they are still looking at her."

Via Twitter, Glassman has claimed, "FYI That apartment everyone calls 'Jon's Apartment' was MY apartment as well. We split rent! He's been living off my family and I... So get your facts right before you all assume. My family and I found out a week ago [Jon's] been pocketing our rent money 'n not paying the rent!" Her lawyer adds that his client didn't steal anything that didn't already belong to her—so yes, that is Glassman on security footage taking a TV— because Gosselin told her, "I am going to be evicted, so take with you whatever you want to take."

Gosselin's lawyer claims that Glassman will go to jail, but her lawyer said, "t is irresponsible to put out there someone is going to jail when the person is not even a suspect, they have not been convicted and there isn't even a judge appointed in the case.”