2005_07_safedeposit.jpgGothamist loved the NY Times article about how the new Commerce Bank in Chinatown has 7500 safe deposit boxes (while the usual branch will only have 500) because it basically tells people all they need to know about Chinese people:
- They like money
- They like safe deposit boxes
- They like feng shui
- They like dim sum
- They like the number 8
- Lion dances are essential

The article also notes that there will be many customer service representatives, but let's hope there's a lot of security: Commerce Banks have been the target of many robberies here in the city - it's because they are so darn friendly and don't have glass between the tellers and customers. Oh, and two years ago, NYC North Fork Bank handed over the contents of a woman's safe deposit box to her will's executor, even though she wasn't dead. Plus, we're still confused about why the toy airplane was in the safe deposit box that Kate needed to rob in Lost.