You know how there was that story from yesterday, about how Penn Station was supposed to get worse before it gets better? Well, the worsening is already underway this morning, as Long Island Rail Road commuters have been dealing with delays following a Penn Station "track defect."

According to NBC New York, "Several trains were canceled -- and subsequently reinstated -- before 7:40 a.m. and others were diverted to Atlantic Terminal or Hunterspoint Avenue because of what transit sources described as a broken track tie with Track 18." The track repair was reportedly completed so quickly that canceled trains were then uncancelled, but residual delays ensued anyway.

Commuters are reacting exactly how you expect them to react:

After a seemingly endless series of Amtrak-related issues, Governor Cuomo said yesterday, "I have lost all patience with Amtrak. Fix it. Do your job." The Post reports, "The governor blasted Amtrak and the feds for not keeping New Yorkers informed about plans to improve the nightmare situation and said things would be better if New York State ran the station." Okay...

On Sunday, Senator Schumer held a press conference outside Penn Station to discuss the stampede that resulted after Amtrak police officers Tasered a man. The event was interrupted by response for a broken-down Amtrak train.