When Gothamist reader Wayne sent us a picture of a rat stuck in a sidewalk, apparently trying to emerge, others readers decided it was depressing, hilarious, tempting, disgraceful, an opportunity for considering ethics and morals, and time to bait other commenters. Finally, we have an update from Wayne plus a number of Photoshop renderings of the Sad Rat:

It was on my block on the Upper West Side. 82nd Street between CPW and Columbus. I thought it was alive, but after getting up the nerve to poke it with a (long) stick, I realized he was dead. I did what any wonderful caring masculine New Yorker would do, I told the doorman about it and ran off to work. That night the sidewalk with spic and span. I hear the Eulogy was beautiful and moved some to tears.

So there—he did check out Sad Rat's condition!

And thank you to all the readers who spent some time on their Friday nights and Saturday mornings creating ways we can remember Sad Rat forever.