Two weeks into Plaxico Burress's stay at an upstate prison and word is that Plax is (1) always looking around him, (2) scared of his fellow prisoners, (3) hangs around another fellow high-profile inmate and (4) can't make microwave popcorn, according to the Post reporter who visited him and spoke to others at Oneida Correctional Facility.

As previously suspected, Burress is kept away from the general population. A corrections guard told the Post, "Because of who he is, I'm going to put you up front near us in case the other prisoners or their visitors come up and bother him, asking for his autograph or taking a picture." Still, other inmates' visitors do see him him—one said, "Whenever we see him walking, he has a nervous look, like he's really nervous. It's like he's trying to look to the side, but he doesn't want anyone to notice. He seems scared."

One inmate he may be socializing Lillo Brancato of The Sopranos, who is also in protective custody. But things are tough: This weekend, Burress was denied from accepting a microwave that his pregnant wife Tiffany brought up. As for the Post's exclusive interview with the one-time Giants star: The reporter asked how things were going in prison, Plax shouted "What?" and walked away.