Clouds and rain on a Monday are the perfect meteorological mood ring. At the beginning of the week you want nature to mimic a cubicle. See? the Gods purr. Don't worry about your student debt because you have a desk and you are not wet. But by Thursday (Friday at the latest) the sun is supposed to be back in its role as energizer and liberator. Except not this week. The sun is on sabbatical until Saturday.

The Times reports that this string of malaise will be the longest consecutive run of cloudy days since January of 2013 (or "Grayuary," as all the newspapers and popular songs of the time named it).

“A slow moving frontal boundary is approaching through Tuesday,” Bill Goodman of the National Weather Service tells the Times. “Then we’ve got a cold front dropping through from the north Tuesday night, and after that, another system comes in from the west.”

Dammit Bill, enough with all the mumbo jumbo. Just give it to us straight. Tell us we'll have 70% cloud cover until Saturday afternoon.

Please, Saturday afternoon?