TWA Terminal; Photo - NY TimesThe beautiful Eero Saarinen designed TWA terminals at J.F.K. Airport, closed two years ago when TWA closed, may be repoening, with Jet Blue operating out of it. The Times reports that Jet Blue would build a terminal behind the Saarien building, and the two buildings would be linked together by tunnels, last seen in Catch Me If You Can.

However enthusiastic JetBlue, the Municipal Art Society (who believes that the buliding's future lies best as a functioning terminal), or New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission may be, the Port Authority does not feel the whole building can be a modern terminal with "no room for curbside check-in, no way to move baggage efficiently through the building and no place to put security equipment like bulky explosive-detecting devices...the gently arched tubular bridges do not meet modern requirements for people with disabilities." But PA does say it could become an airport centerpiece, pending the future AirTain system, as well as a place for the aiport's employees.

Gothamist hopes that the terminal can reopen, as it's a glorious memory of what air travel used to be like when it was glamorous and exciting, versus the tension-fraught chore it seems now. However, we're not happy with JetBlue's disclosure they are giving passenger information to the government.

Photographs of the TWA Terminal from lightningfield.

Eero Saarinen's work from Great Bulidings.