After coyotes attacked children playing in yards, the Westchester suburb of Rye embarked on an aggressive program to patrol the area for more creatures. One male coyote was caught near the the location of the second attack last weekend, but the city did not disclose the capture. The Journal News reports that it "learned of the catch from the Facebook page of the trapper's company, Quality Pro Pest and Wildlife Services." One day, local government will realize that social media will force them to be transparent!

The News adds, "When first asked about the capture Friday afternoon, Rye Mayor Doug French referred a reporter to Police Commissioner William Connors. When pressed, French acknowledged the city had nabbed the animal July 31." Conners explained the lack of notice about the capture, "My understanding was that we were waiting to get a few more in that location." The News says that the coyote was euthanized because it was acting aggressive, but Quality Pro Pest and Wildlife Services said on Facebook, "well The Journal News Gets it all Wrong Again!!they said that I killed the Coyote. when in Fact I did not." Update: The News further explains that the coyote was euthanized, but at state direction.

The trapper, Jim Horton, did tell the News it was unclear whether this coyote attacked either of the two victims, who were both young girls, because no coyote DNA was taken from the girls after the attacks. He also discussed a trap-and-capture program in Rye Brook, saying that any coyotes captured will be relocated if they are healthy, "Me catching them and handling them and putting them in a cage and everything — that's just going to instill fear of humans into the coyote. So when we bring it up north and release it, it'll stay clear of people."