The Jets' star player, cornerback Darrelle Revis, has been a holdout at training camp for 11 days and the war of the words between his camp and the Jets continues as well. On Tuesday, Revis's agent called the Jets "blatant" liars (the Jets claim the agent refused to let Revis have dinner wtih owner Woody Johnson), so now coach Rex Ryan is offering this plan: Just everybody come to training camp in Cortland, NY! "This is what I would like to have happen: Everyone put their cards on the table. Have Darrelle come here with anybody he wanted and we’ll have Mr. Johnson here. This is the way I would handle it: We’ll call off practice and we’ll have our whole team here and meet. That way there’s no he said/she said or whatever. Let’s just get the thing done. Let’s work it that way."

Revis and the Jets are fighting over his new contract and the amount of guranteed money: According to the Post, "The Jets are on record insisting that they’ve offered 'fully guaranteed money' to Revis in a contract extension. Sources in the Revis camp insist that there hasn’t been a dime of fully guaranteed signing bonus money offered in any of the proposals." Apparently the gap between the parties is $40 million; the Daily News' Gary Myers writes, "If they can cut their differences down by $1 million per day between now and the Jets' opener on Sept. 13 against the Ravens, the gap will be still be $7 million," and adds that one of the Jets' proposals was a 10-year $120 million contract, which means Revis wants $160 million.

Agent Neil Schwartz said of Ryan's idea, "If the Jets want to set up a meeting, they know how to reach me." Sigh. This will make watching the premiere of HBO's Hard Knocks tonight fun in a different way.